Conference objectives

  • Increase the communication between educational and research institutions and their surroundings from experts in various international bodies.
  • Obtain ideas and proposals on scientific and practical methods to push the electricity and information technology sectors and ensure that they keep up with what is new.
  • Review the new in the field of renewable energy research and applications and raise environmental awareness among the members of society and highlight the opportunities for the optimal utilization of renewable energies and their sources in Libya and invest in and ensure sustainable development.
  • Encourage and motivate researchers and postgraduate students in universities and research centers in Libya to draw more attention and research in the field of electrical energy and information technology.
  • Highlighting the positive side of the country of Libya and the city of Benghazi and show its educational and research institutions in the appearance of recovery after the challenges and the destruction of many of its facilities and infrastructure.
  • Helping the executive authorities to choose between alternatives and prioritize the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the infrastructure of electrical energy and information technology.
  • Helping the executive authorities to ensure and adjust the standards and specifications of the quality of implementation.